Food and wine experiences in Rome

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Discover the famed cuisine and viticulture of the Eternal City

Food and wine experiences in Rome: Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Eternal City, discover the famed cuisine and viticulture on guided tours

Food and wine experiences in Rome

Each year, more than 16 millions tourists travel to Italy and choose Rome as their favourite city. With a long, interesting and rich history behind it, Rome attracts visitors from all over the world with its impressive monuments and archaeological remains dating back to antiquity. However, there are endless reasons to visit the Eternal City, fall in love with it and to want to return: one of the many highlights of visiting Rome is the food and wine you’ll get to taste, as well as its lively atmosphere. Come and enjoy the city with a guided walking tour focused on food and wine experiences in Rome!

Walking tours with traditional food and wine tasting

Walking around Rome is much more than walking through an ancient city with archaeological remains. The Italian capital also holds the memory of the gladiators fighting to the death inside the Colosseum, the frantic chariot races in the Circus Maximus, and the great Roman thinkers strolling around the Forum amid discussions of democracy.

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Rome through its rich food and wine culture. Your expert guide will lead you on a tour dedicated to tasting local gastronomy while discussing the curious and fascinating history, culture and customs which define the Eternal City. Explore the best of Italian and Roman cuisine in unique places and typical restaurants that offer only the highest quality products, traditional foods and an excellent selection of wines.

Take a leisurely-paced walking tour of the heart of the historic centre, experience the real flavours of Rome and eat like a local in the vibrant foodie districts of Campo de’ Fiori, Trastevere and Testaccio.

Along the way, delight your taste buds, stop for delicious pasta, pizza, wine and dessert tasting and share insider tips on Italian cuisine. You will be introduced to coutless local Roman food specialties. Every Roman culinary tradition is a treasure trove of the history, culture and architecture that make Rome the Eternal City.

Food and wine experiences in Rome with the family

Dining while on vacation changes dramatically once you bring a pint-sized person to the table. If you are on holiday in Rome, don’t worry – eating out with kids is child’s play. Rome has a lively and longstanding love of dining out, and a strong sense of tradition.

Some of the city’s finest dishes are meant to be savoured on-the-go. In Rome, you’ll be introduced you to some delicious culinary experiences, including the famed aperitivo:

  • Great restaurants: including pizzerias and trattorias, to eat typical Roman cuisine and local dishes like pasta (gricia, cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana), meat and fish;

  • Street food and cheap eats: including pizza by the slice, supplì, fried cod fillets, appetizers and more;

  • Pastry shops: for gelato, tiramisù and biscotti tasting;

  • Lounge bar and pubs: to drink coffee, cocktails, wine and beer;

  • Food markets and stores: to buy fresh food.

Take Rome food and wine tours with Walks Inside Rome

Walks Inside Rome, travel services and guided tours agency, has been offering immersive, authentic, and educational tours in the Eternal City for more than 20 years.

All our private tours are customizable, meaning you can add and combine whatever you want to personalize your experience, also thanks to our team of local English-speaking licensed guides who are seasoned experts in art, history, archaeology, food and wine.

Our combined expertise and experience transforms your time in Rome into something truly exceptional. Come and discover the famed cuisine and viticulture of the Eternal City through one of our immersive and authentic food and wine experiences in Rome.

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