Food and Wine Experiences in Venice

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Enjoy the Venetian traditional cuisine on an itinerary that combines the classic attractions with some new experiences

Food and Wine Experiences in Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and certainly one of the most romantic. It is easy to get lost among the canals and streets that wind through the magnificent palaces of the Venetian capital admiring the artistic and architectural richness of the city, but in addition to visiting its most famous places it is worth discovering a more authentic and lively city by taking a gastronomic tour to get to know its habits and simpler gestures such as those related to cooking. Cruise within the magic lagoon of Venice, discovering culinary traditions and hidden flavors, that only a Venetian expert could make you taste. Come and discover the renowned Venetian gastronomy and cuisine through food and wine experiences in Venice with an expert local guide.

Discover the unique culinary traditions of Venice on a guided food and wine tour

Whoever embarks on a food and wine journey is not only a lover of good food and good drink, but also a curious and attentive traveler, interested in coming into real contact with the place he is visiting. A hidden Venice itinerary takes you off the beaten path, giving you an authentic experience of this incredible city as you discover where the real locals live.

Expert local guides know Venice as the back of their hands, and they will bring you to the best typical places of the “city on water”. So you will have the chance to live an unforgettable experience discovering Venice’s hidden secrets and legends. On dry land, by boat or gondola you can rest safe in the knowledge you’ll be exploring La Serenissima in expert company and, most importantly, at your leisure.

Discover the unique culinary traditions of Venice on a guided food and wine tour

Venetian cuisine is a wonderful combination of traditional recipes and nouvelle cuisine through a wide variety of dishes and incomparable flavors always pleasantly accompanied by a good glass of local wine.

However, to discover the most authentic Venice, that of the past, the one really experienced by its inhabitants, you need to enter at least one of its bacari. The Venetian bacaro is a welcoming tavern, the typical wine bar, a true concentration of stories where the innkeeper serves a drink to the customers who meet here every evening for an aperitif. A counter, few seats and a wide choice of wines and snacks, the famous Venetian “cicchetti” – delicious homemade appetisers (made of fish, meat or sausages that can be prepared hot or cold and are very often served on bread or polenta) accompanied by fine Venetian wines or an aperitif such as Spritz or Bellini. This type of Venetian antipasto is a real high quality “fast food”.

But during the tour of Venice, you can also taste the croutons with sardines in saor or with creamed cod, but also the excellent mozzarella in carrozza and marinated anchovies. All true delights!

Food and Wine Experiences in Venice with Walks Inside Rome

Walks Inside Rome is a family-run travel company, established over 20 years ago, formed of knowledgeable and kid-friendly licensed guides, including art historians, archaeologists, and food and wine lovers for visits throughout Rome and Italy’s most famous destinations.

Come and experience the real soul of the City of Canals in the company of an expert Venetian guide on one of our food and wine experiences in Venice. Indulge in the Venetian fresh and traditional cuisine on an itinerary that combines the classic attractions with some more off the beaten path experiences, ensuring you get the full Venetian experience. At the end of your tour, you’ll truly feel you’ve seen it all.

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