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Discover the cultural and culinary secrets of these two marvelous Italy's southern islands

Sicily and Pantelleria Tours: discover the fascinating history and culture of Sicily and Pantelleria in the company of a local expert English-speaking guide

Sicily and Pantelleria Tours

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea as well as the largest region in Italy. A leading tourist destination in Europe just three kilometers from the mainland, Sicily has a colossal historical, cultural and architectural heritage and houses several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visiting this island is discovering an extraordinary territory rich in resources. Discover its fascinating history and culture in the company of an expert English-speaking guide through the Sicily and Pantelleria Tours of Walks Inside Rome.

Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean

The island has always been the true pearl of the Mediterranean. Its history is so vast and ancient that almost all the populations of the Mediterranean, and elsewhere as well, have left their mark. Those who controlled Sicily controlled the Mediterranean, and for this reason the island has attracted conquerors from all over the Ancient World: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Germans, and Spaniards. That’s how every new people brought their own traditions to the island, making Sicily a fascinating melting pot of art, culture and food and wine.

This land has something to offer everyone. A dream climate, heavenly beaches, delicious traditional cuisine, volcanoes – including Etna – and mountains for hiking, but its beautiful cities are also full of  museums, churches and historic buildings, bars and restaurants where you can party. Furthermore, Sicily is a totally insular region: in addition to the main island, it is made up of a set of smaller but spectacular archipelagos and islands.

Between breathtaking seascapes and rugged sun-scorched peaks, splendid baroque cities and ancient villages stand out:

  • Palermo, the capital of the island;

  • Catania on the slopes of Etna;

  • Syracuse, with the resplendent island of Ortigia and the archaeological park;

  • Agrigento and the Valley of the Greek Temples;

  • Messina and the strait that separates the island from Italy with its monuments and extraordinary places to visit;

  • The quiet Ragusa;

  • Enna, known as the “navel of Sicily”;

  • Taormina with its spectacular views and a glimpse of the Roman theater with Mount Etna in the background;

  • Noto, the symbol of Sicilian Baroque;

  • Cefalù with its beaches and its Norman Cathedral;

  • Monreale, a mixture of Arab and Norman.

But there are also pretty Sicilian towns not to be missed such as Aci Castello, Marsala and its wines, the timeless city of Erice, Corleone, Modica and its chocolate, and so on…

Pantelleria: charm and character

Pantelleria is located in the center of the great stretch of sea that separates Sicily and the rest of Italy from Tunisia – 100 km from Agrigento and 70 km from Tunisia – and it is the largest island of those surrounding Sicily. A real jewel set, a wonderful land of natural beauty and suggestive atmospheres considered by many people to be the heart of the Mediterranean.

Pantelleria is an extinct volcano for more than 10,000 years that reminds us of its origin in every moment. Proof of this are its landscape, the eroded cones, the rugged hills, the pumice stones that line sections of the relief while the wind blows relentlessly. The fertile volcanic land shows its luxuriant vegetation to those who walk the internal paths. In this context, the island offers active fumaroles, called “favare”.

Populated since ancient times, it was occupied by the Phoenicians around 700 BC, then by the Romans, followed by Arabs, Normans and Spaniards. During the Second World War, its strategic importance (radar base) made it the scene of the battle of Pantelleria, a prelude to the liberation of Sicily and Italy.

Visiting Pantelleria means making a different journey, a particular stay, with activities limited by space, although expanded by the beauty of the landscape, the cobalt blue seabeds rich in posidonia and coral, and the harsh and semi-wild character of the island. The climate, its rather isolated position with its innate charm make it a tourist destination, atypical, but very, very popular.

Lava stone cliffs overlooking the sea, stacks, coves, dry stone walls, dammusi (constructions of Arab origin built with volcanic stones), malvasia and zibibbo vineyards. Here natural and uncontaminated elements blend perfectly, creating a unique atmosphere: wild and powerful nature is the absolute protagonist.

And as if this were not enough, its transparent waters allow the visitor who loves water sports, diving or snorkeling to enjoy incomparable sensations. Boat excursions around the island offer magnificent views of the rocky coast with its caves surrounded by crystal clear water.

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