Venice Kids and Families Tours

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Guided tours to discover the city of the Doges while having fun

Venice Kids and Families Tours: visiting Venice with the family is a unique experience, discover its culture, history and traditions with a private local guide

Venice Kids and Families Tours

Venice is a different destination from other Italian cities as it has the power to satisfy young and old. It is an ideal destination for the whole family, thanks to the magical and relaxed atmosphere that you breathe while walking through its streets, to the safety and tranquility it offers. Visiting Venice with kids and family is an experience that will remain etched in everyone’s memory for a long time, whether for a weekend or a holiday, success is guaranteed. Indulge in an unforgettable adventure with a knowledgeable and friendly local guide through our Venice kids and families tours.

How to experience Venice with children

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, the Venetian city and its magnificent lagoon attract around 30 million visitors each year making it the second Italian city after Rome with the highest tourist flow. Due to its urban peculiarities and its historical and artistic heritage, and its cultural traditions, it is universally considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, a place to visit with the whole family.

If you intend to stay in Venice you must know that this city takes on the appearance of an irresistible amusement park for the children thanks to the absence of cars and the presence of the canals and the boats that navigate them. The city of the Doges is very playful and those who travel with children will be happy to see the smile on their faces. Here there are many open-air spaces where kids can move freely (gardens, squares, oases, islands, beaches), but also educational places (museums, libraries, two planetariums, a greenhouse) discover.

Discover the history of Venice behind the traditions with your private local guide

Enjoy the real soul of this city in the company of an expert Venetian guide on an itinerary that combines the island’s most awe-inspiring attractions –  its Renaissance and Gothic palaces, canals, gondolas and masks, small bridges and fields full of charm – with some more off the beaten path experiences. Discover artisan areas and century-old traditions, indulge on the traditional Venetian cuisine, and take to the waters to see Venice from the perspective it deserves.

  • Venture down the Venetian canals like a real gondolier: the gondola is the typical Venetian boat, under the expert guidance of your private instructor you will learn to navigate on this fascinating and authentic boat by stepping into the shoes of a gondolier and visiting Venice in a different, more peaceful way, away from the crowds of tourists.

  • Personalize your own souvenir, painting a traditional carnival mask: masks, Carnival and Venice are three words inextricably linked in the Italian imagination, and beyond. The masks of the Venice Carnival are a real symbol of the city, linked from the beginning to its history and to the Carnival celebrations.

Walks Inside Rome kids and families tours

For more than 20 years, Walks Inside Rome is a travel agency which has been offering immersive, authentic, and educational private and small-group tours in the Eternal City and other beautiful Italy’s destinations. Our team of local, licensed guides are seasoned experts in art, history, archaeology and food.

Give or give yourself one of our tours for a special occasion: for Christmas, for a birthday, for an anniversary or simply for the desire to discover the most beautiful Italian places. Embark on an action-packed itinerary around “La Serenissima” through one of our Venice kids and families tours. You can customize the tour to your liking, seeing exactly what you want to see.

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