About Rome

Janiculum Hill

The Janiculum is the highest point of the Trastevere district considered the view of the city where you can find many monuments.

The Tradition
Originally it was called the Janiculum Ianiculum dedicated to the god Janus, who created this little town. In the course of the history of this part of Rome it was connected to the whole city by Anco Marzio, who built Sublicio Bridge.

Equestrian Monument
Janiculum Hill offers many monuments that bear witness to the different stages of the city. At the highest point of the Janiculum it was placed the equestrian statue of Garibaldi in 1895, inside its base are the remains of Anita Garibaldi.

Cannon of the Janiculum
From 1904 on the Janiculum is a real cannon every day at noon shoot shots. This practice began in 1847, the cannon was initially in Castel San'Angelo.

Promenade of the Janiculum
Is the most striking, an avenue lined by trees that end up in the central square. On the edges you can admire the statues of 84 heroes partisans who fought to defend Rome.

Lighthouse of Italian
Among the monuments of the Janiculum you can admire the lighthouse of the Italians of Argentina, donated more than 100 ago by Italian immigrants in Argentina, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the unification of Italy, in September 1861.