About Rome

The Orange Garden: skyline and secrets of Rome

The Orange Garden in Rome is located on one of its most elegant hills: the Aventine hill, also known as Savelli’s Park, a beautiful park of almost eight thousand square meters from which you can see one of the best views of the city.

The Name
The park belongs to the family of Savelli Savelli since the end of 1200 is called the Orange Garden, because in it were laid many plants of bitter oranges.

The Garden
In 1982 the garden was designed by the architect Raffaele de Vico, the symmetrical plan foresaw the center a wide avenue lined by two squares, in one of them is a monumental fountain in the Roman style, characterized by a mask of marble. The Park has three entrances, but the main one is the Square of Pietro D'Illiria and only in 1937 were added two other inputs.

The Fortress
This small rectangular garden preserves over its old structure also remains of medieval walls belonging to an ancient fortress of the family, but today there are only a few barns and warehouses underground because everything was demolished in 1613.

The Keyhole
Leaving the Orange Garden you can have a wonderful surprise. As you progress you can find a gate, that is the gate of the priory of the Knights of Malta and closer to its lock will be able to admire the dome of St. Peter. A unique view that makes the garden of the Oranges one of the most beautiful places of Rome.