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Jewish Catacombs and Old Appian Way | Private

Journey down Rome's oldest road and discover the treasures that lie beneath.

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Why Choose it?

  • Enjoy a relaxing ride down the picturesque Via Appia as you take in its ancient sights.
  • Explore Rome's only Jewish catacombs that are accessible to the public.
  • Connect to Rome's Jewish history with a local Jewish guide.

Tour description

The catacombs that line the Via Appia Antica are among the most well-known in the world. Most of them are Christian, like the catacombs of San Sebastiano, San Callisto, and Domitilla - three vast necropolises (cities of the dead) that sprawl outside Rome's ancient walls. But some are Jewish catacombs. There are six Jewish Catacombs in total, although only one, "Vigna Randanini" can be visited. We are able to arrange an interesting visit to these catacombs for you.

The Jewish catacombs we'll be visiting were discovered on an ancient property known as ‘Vigna Randanini’ on the Old Appian Way. To get there, we'll be journeying down the ancient Via Appia (the Latin name for this Roman road). Because burial within the city was forbidden, the road is lined with tombs, mausoleums, and funerary inscriptions. The Old Appian Way is a curious mix between a country road and a cemetary, serene yet melancholy. Riding down it truly is an unforgettable experience.

Visit the Jewish Catacombs of Vigna Randanini

Your private itinerary includes the wider galleries and the ‘Kokhimgraves with the wonderfully painted cubicula. The catacombs are in good condition, and are smaller and more intimate than others. We can attribute the modest nature of the tombs to the poverty suffered by the Jewish community and the Jewish tendency to shun ostentatiousness. We can attribute the fact that the Jewish Romans created their own catacombs to their wish to avoid the Greek and Roman custom of cremation.

Discover ancient Jewish symbols 

Exploring the catacombs, you'll find many traditional Jewish symbols. You'll come across various Old Testament and Talmudic symbols, like the menorah, the shofar, the luvav, palm branches, and a circumcision knife as well as representations of birds, peacocks, eagles, flowers, fruits, sun, and stars. Your private guide will walk you through their meaning, bringing their stories to life as you undertake this unforgettable journey. 


Jewish tour guide
Exclusive opening of the Jewish Catacombs
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