Jewish Catacombs and Old Appian Way

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Jewish Catacombs and Old Appian Way

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Tour description

The catacombs of Appia Antica are amongst the most well known in the world. Most people assume they are all Christian; however there are some Jewish catacombs, 6 in total, although only one can be visited. We are able to arrange an interesting visit to these catacombs for you.

The catacombs in question were found on an ancient property known as ‘Vigna Randanini’ on the Appian Way.

The itinerary includes the wider galleries and the ‘Kokhim’ graves with the wonderfully painted cubicula. The catacombs are in good condition, and are smaller and more intimate that other catacombs. Perhaps the Jews of Rome created their own catacombs to avoid the Greek and Roman custom of creation.

The modest nature of the tombs is attributed to the poverty suffered by the Jewish community but also the Jewish tendency to shun ostentatiousness.

Many traditional symbols found in the catacombs include the menorah, the shofar, the luvav, palm branches, circumcision knife. Also poetic birds, peacocks, eagles, flowers, fruits, sun and stars.

The tour includes a ride along the Appian Way, one of the most Ancient roads in Rome.


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  • Jewish Catacombs
  • Old Appian Way

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