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Secret Rome

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Tour description

A very special tour, another way to enjoy the Eternal City after having visited all the most important sites, to discover all those hidden gems  that are usually never seen by ordinary visitors. This tour can either be  enjoyed while riding comfortably seated  on a Mercedes with driver, or seated on a Vespa while the gentle breeze of Rome blows  through your hair, or even sitting on a silent and fast golf cart – all of this with a private native guide who will unfold the unknown treasures for you.

The tour starts with a visit to the church of Quattro Coronati, located between the Colosseum and St John in Lateran, dedicated to four ancient martyrs; the original church dates back to the 5th century and boasts two courtyards and a monastery with a cosmatesque cloister.  This church has many surprising gifts to offer:  the private chapel of St Sylvester and the foundling wheel, where unwanted babies were left to be raised at the church orphanage.  

We will then move on to discover  the ramparts of Rome with the best preserved Roman gates (the Appian gate); we will be driving along the old Appian way with its many pagan and Christian tombs  and we will feel the excitement of walking  on  2400-year-old Roman cobblestones.

Our visit continues to the Baths of Caracalla - the largest Roman baths - to discover the typical day of a Roman citizen at an ancient roman spa.  We then move on to explore the Aventine hill with its monasteries and ancient churches like Santa Sabina, as well as  its secret  and surprising spots.

To complete our tour, we will visit the area of Testaccio with its famous Monte dei Cocci – an artificial mound  made of fragments of broken amphorae - and then conclude this fascinating  journey through the hidden treasures of Rome with a spectacular view of the Eternal city from the top of one of its highest hills,  the Janiculum.

Discover the many secrets of Rome with our tour!


Licensed Tour Guide
Car & driver at disposal


  • Baths of Caracalla
  • Church of Quattro Coronati
  • Aventine Hill
  • Santa Sabina
  • Testaccio
  • Janiculum Hill

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