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Vatican Tour from a Jewish Perspective | Small group

Explore the epicenter of the Catholic Church from an entirely new angle.

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    Max 8 people

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Why Choose it?

  • Discover Judaic symbolism across the Vatican's vast collection.
  • Marvel at scenes from the Old Testament in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel.
  • Explore Saint Peter's Basilica with our expert guide's unique perspective.

Tour description

Designed especially for our Jewish clients, and forming part of our series of Jewish Rome Tours, this unique itinerary lets you view the Vatican through an entirely different lense. Discover Judaic symbols nestled within the art of the Christian capital, and locate them within the history of city that played such an considerable role in shaping the Jewish diaspora. 

Enter into the Vatican with skip-the-line access to marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpiece: the Sistine Chapel. Learn all about the Old Testament scenes it portrays and the Judaic messages that were inserted. Indeed, legend has it that these were inspired by Michelangelo’s introduction to Judaism through his Florentine patron Lorenzo de’ Medici. Uncover these messages and gain a newfound understanding of this wonder.

Journey through the Gallery of Maps and Gallery of Tapestries.

The Vatican is more than the Sistine Chapel and its Museums. Branching off the corridors of the papal halls are some of the most breathtakingly beautiful rooms in Rome - if not the world. Few are finer than the Gallery of Tapestries with its resplendent collection of Flemish designs, though the delightful cartographic collection in the Gallery of Maps is just as stunning, not least the ornate golden decorations of its vaulted ceiling. Within the intimacy of a small group, join your licensed guide on the history of Rome from a Jewish perspective.

Discover the secrets of the Raphael Rooms.

Accompany your expert guide as you wander through the frescoed hallways of the Raphael Rooms. While Michelangelo was working away on the Sistine Chapel, Raphael was decorating this section of the papal apartments with some powerful scenes. Although thematically varied, referring to Roman military and Christian historical episodes, Raphael also referred back to the Old Testament and Talmudic literature through his frescoes. Marvel in particular at Raphael's awesome interpretation of Heliodorus being expelled from the Temple in Jerusalem.

Venture into Saint Peter’s Basilica through a private passageway.

As one of the world's most important religious centers, Saint Peter's Basilica attracts masses of admirers. So what better way you avoid the masses that congregate outside and within than by entering through a secret passageway. Your guide will take you through the symbolic legacy contained within the most powerful Catholic church in the world. Including a Freudian interpretation of Michelangelo’s Pieta. The Vatican is the most powerful Christian state in the world with secrets to behold. Join Walks Inside Rome to uncover them all.


Skip-the-line entrance.
Licensed tour guide.


  • Vatican Museums
  • Sistine Chapel
  • Gallery of Tapestries
  • Gallery of Maps
  • Saint Peter's Basilica

important info:

Shoulders and knees need to be covered to enter all religious sites.

Kids friendly:

This tour is kids friendly, your children are welcome

meeting point:

In front of Caffè Vaticano, Viale Vaticano, 100.

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excellent guides

Our guides are fluent in English and have a contagious passion for the inspiring cultural heritage of our Italian cities. Experts in their fields, they will immerse you in the hidden histories and intriguing lives of history's great protagonists. So much to see, so easy to miss out: with the help of our guides, visit the most absorbing sites and uncover the stories that have changed the world. Don't miss this fascinating journey!

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