Discover and Taste Roman Street Food - Small Group

Pizza, Suppli, Gelato and more!


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  • Typology: Small Group
  • Duration: 2-hours
  • Included: Food tastings and private guide
  • Operating Days: Tue; Thu;
  • Meeting Point: Campo de'Fiori
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Rome’s burgeoning street food scene is only getting better- there is a reason why the world’s best Chef travel accross the globe to try city’s legendary pizza.

Dotted around Rome’s last open-air market, Campo de’Fiori, there are several artisinal food shops specialising in delicious snacks. We’ll take you to discover our favourite pizza al taglio, where long strips of pizza are topped with an array of toppings and then sliced and sold by weight and eaten on the go- no Roman can resist a piece of pizza bianca hot from the oven to be enjoyed on the run.  A Suppli too is not to be missed: tomato risotto, stuffed with mozzarella, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried until golden- found freshly made in the city’s best pizzerias.

Then there are the friggitoria – here fried food rules. Whether it is a fillet of Baccala (salt cod) or fresh zucchini flowers stuffed with mozarella and anchovy and fried until oozing, we want you to try the best Roman fritti with an artisinal cold beer.

For dessert there will be gelato from an artisinal gelateria, served in a cone or a cup and we’ll encourage you to celebrate the Roman tradition of a large squirt of whipped cream on top. To conclude this moving feast a shot or hot espresso to re-energise you for the sunny afternoon ahead.