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Tour description

Have you ever dreamed of stepping onto the epic stage of a Gladiator's Arena and setting the audience on fire with your sharp battle moves?

Come and learn with a Gladiator instructor the techniques to survive the attacks in the arena while having fun and joy with your friends and relatives!

This Gladiator school is ideal for kids, families and good friends of all ages that want to bond in a true meaning of brotherhood and get engaged with some fun activity.

Each training session of two hours will includes an introduction to the Roman History with a visit to the Gladiator Museum and a class of the basic techniques to fight, move and use your gladiator sword on the battlefield with confidence and passion.

With us, you and your kids will be actively learning about Roman civilization. Take a look at the great video below. Are you up for it?!

At the end of the lesson, those who have participated will be granted with a certificate of achievement that you will be able to keep as a great souvenir and memory of this gladiator training.

In case you want to complement the Roman experience visiting even ancient sites, we suggest to add one of the following tours:

- Ancient Rome with the Colosseum and the Roman Forums, to complete the experience of the fighting school with a visit to the real gladiators’ arena and emperors public space;

- Appian Way with Catacombs visit, only few steps away from the gladiator school, to have a real feel of walking for a moment into the past and depth of tradition.


Private lesson in the Gladiator School
One way transfer from the hotel to the School


  • Gladiator School
  • Colosseum (Optional)
  • One Catacomb (Optional)

Kids friendly:

This tour is kids friendly, your children are welcome

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