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Scratch beneath the surface to uncover Rome's best-kept secrets.

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Why Choose it?

  • Discover the distinct historical layers of San Clemente Basilica.
  • Visit a bone-decorated crypt, the most macabre sight in Rome.
  • Explore the labyrinth of catacombs that line the Appian Way.

Tour description

Roam through the depths of Rome, exploring the vast underground of the awe-inspiring Eternal City. Ancient Rome was built with permanence in mind, so instead of destroying their creations, the Romans built on top of them. This has left the oldest parts of this ancient civilization underground and largely inaccessible. Until now.

Descend into the dim passageways and explore the long-lost ancient buildings full of artifacts buried 200 feet deep! Let our expert guide walk you through, beginning at St. Clemente's Basilica—an archaeologist’s Pandora’s box—amassing a three-tiered complex of buildings ranging from function (nobleman’s house, Pagan temple, and several differing basilicas).

The macabre Bone Church is next, more formally known as the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, who’s crypt is decorated entirely with skulls and bones—Rome’s most shocking tourist attraction. Possibly more surprising than anything, it is a functioning church! Feel free to attend a mass.

At the end of the day, take a ride along Appia Antica, the oldest road in Rome, pathed with ancient stones and surrounded by ruins, and take a visit to one of the Catacombs of Rome.

Your underground adventure awaits! Discover the macabre, the history, and the ruins underneath a thriving city.

NOTE: The order of the attractions are subject to change depending on the time of your tour.



Licensed tour guide
Private car and driver


  • St Clemente Basilica
  • Bone Church
  • Old Appian Way
  • One Catacomb

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