About Rome

The symbols of Roman history

Rome has many symbols that tell the history of the entire city in all its historical periods they remember the special moments of immense history of the city that are still recognized immediately. Here are the symbols of the history of Rome's most important.

The imperial eagle with spread wings is the most important symbol of the city because it resembles the Roman Empire. This animal is represented in many coats of arms of the families that, over time, have ruled Rome.

The protagonist of the legend that tells the story of the city of Rome, over time appears to have been found two bronze statues that date back to 295 BC Today the she-wolf with Romulus and Remus who drink milk under her, kept in the Capitoline Museums.

Greeting Roman
The ancient Romans, during official ceremonies saluted with outstretched arm, in everyday life the greeting was just mentioned. This type of greeting is visible in many statues and today is much criticized because it often used in totalitarian regimes.

Roman Step
Is the typical of Roman military parades when undertaken 120 steps per minute to the beat of drums. This step was used by soldiers legionnaires to flaunt strength.