What to do in Rome

5 typical roman dishes

Rome as well as having the best Italian art and architecture offers delicious dishes that are the fruit of ancient traditions. Many are his specialties, some are related to the original recipes, others have been changed, but they are definitely the best Roman cuisine can offer.

The Supplì is one of Roman specialties made of rice seasoned with meat sauce and mozzarella, served with bread crumbs and fried in hot oil. His name has French origin and means "surprise" and is usually used as an appetizer before eating the pizza.



Spaghetti alla Carbonara
It the first dish best loved Italian who arrived in Rome after his release in 1944. The pillow made crispy after baking in the hot oil is the protagonist of the recipe, while the beaten eggs with the salt and pecorino cheese are added to the end of creating a set of unique flavors.


Carciofi alla Giudia
Jewish style artichokes, they are the oldest of Rome plate from the Ghetto and handed down from the Jewish cuisine. Artichokes used to this ancient recipe are those grown in areas near the capital and are round and soft, without spines that are fried in hot oil and take the form of a flower.


Saltimbocca alla romana
By ordering this dish we will be faced with rolls of veal with ham and sage, this is the original recipe for this dish is now being enriched with capers, onions and artichokes in the filling. A recipe that lives in the kitchens since the 19th century Roman.


Maritozzo with cream
You can not end a Roman lunch without dessert. The typical dessert is the currant and cream recipe medieval prepared during the Easter Lent. The name of this dessert comes, in Italian, by husband because men, by tradition, every first Friday in March and presented to his their maidens.