VIP Colosseum Underground Tour with Ancient Rome - Small Group

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VIP Colosseum Underground Tour with Ancient Rome - Small Group

An exclusive journey through ancient Rome with VIP access to the Colosseum Underground.

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    3 hours

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    Max 12 people
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Why Choose it?

  • Access restricted areas of the Colosseum normally closed to the public.
  • Unlock the trap doors and passageways of the Colosseum Underground.
  • Journey through time as you explore the Roman Forum.
  • Experience all this and more in a small, intimate group - max 12 guests.

Tour description

Journey through time and explore ancient Rome through the eyes of a gladiator with exclusive VIP access to the Colosseum Underground. Embark on your voyage through history with an inclusive walk through the Roman Forum and a view of Palatine Hill. In a group of no more than 12 guests, our expert guide will lead you through the world’s most iconic amphitheater. Discover the secrets to the groundbreaking trap doors of the arena floor, from which ravenous animals would suddenly appear and where the bodies of the slain would vanish from the light of day

Descend into the depths of the Colosseum and wander its complex of underground tunnels, uncovering the backstage magic used to create epic gladiator clashes and battle reenactments. Both on the sand of the arena and - when the arena was flooded to recreate naval battles - on water.

After envisaging such scenes within the mighty Colosseum, we'll cross over to the Roman Forum.

Here in the Roman Forum we'll explore the epicenter of ancient Roman life. Among the Roman Forum's plethora of monuments, we'll visit the site of Julius Caesar’s cremation, where a riot nearly broke out in the days after his assassination. We'll marvel at the Temple of Vesta, where the Vestal Virgins kept their sacred fire eternally lit - they believed for the divine protection of their city. And we'll acquaint ourselves with the Forum's basilicas: large colonnaded buildings inside which the Romans would hold law courts and conduct all kinds of political and financial business. 

We'll learn all about the Forum's temples: some - like the Temple of Saturn - built in honor of the Capitoline gods and others - like the Temple of Vespasian - built in honor of emperors who shuffled off their mortal coils only later to become gods. And we'll stand in the shadow of the Arch of Septimius Severus, a colossal victory monument commemorating the emperor's defeat and subjugation of Rome's most dangerous enemies: the Parthians. 

Finish the day absorbing the stunning sights of the Palatine Hill.

Having explored all the ancient city, from its Colosseum and its temples to its law courts and victory monuments, we'll conclude the tour by taking in the sights of where it all began - the Palatine Hill. It was on the Palatine Hill that Romulus, Rome's legendary founder, set up residence after founding the city. In fact, archaeologists have found huts dating back to the 7th century BC that may well have belonged to him.

Rome's rich and powerful lived on the Palatine Hill. Safe from the squalor below, they enjoyed easy access down to the Roman Forum. During the age of the emperors, the Palatine was an enormous palace complex - flowing with fountains, pools, reception halls. Looking at it now from the valley of the Roman Forum, such an image of splendor is not hard to imagine. 


Combo ticket for Arch of Constantine, Colosseum and Roman Forum with special access to the Colosseum Underground .


  • Colosseum Underground
  • Colosseum Arena
  • Roman Forum
  • View of the Palatine Hill

meeting point:

In front of the metro station Colosseo, by the green souvenir kiosque.

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