What to do in Rome

The beautiful neighborhoods in Rome

Rome offers many corners that tell the story of its ancient populations, but can also live it in its contemporaneity. Since the war to the present day have sprung beautiful neighborhoods famous for their elegance, traditions, markets and nightlife, discover what are the most beautiful.

Is the heart of the city of Rome, small alleys, cobbled and quaint places to eat well unique sensations. Here you can find the true identity of Rome, the popular one that has made it famous worldwide.

Rione Monti
One of the first quarters of the city, the older one where you can find art galleries and wineries, is one of the neighborhoods of Rome that seems to be still the nineteenth century, the century of its construction.

And is one of the oldest Jewish ghettos in the world, famous for its fish market and for its cuisine, are born here artichokes.

The name comes from the location, is located on a small hill made of shards and debris accumulated over the centuries. Today is one of the landmarks of the Roman nightlife.

Coppedè District
Coppedè district, in perfect Art Nouveau is a district made up of 18 buildings and 27 villas, with special names, among them there is also a huge wrought iron chandelier.