About Rome

Rome and its most beautiful bridges

Trastevere is the heart of the city of Rome, it is here that the traditions, the first workshops and the popular life, but this is where you can find beautiful bridges that connect the two banks of the river Tiber.

Sant'Angelo Bridge
Is the most famous bridge in Rome because it travels to visit Castel San'Angelo. Built in 134 by the Emperor Hadrian, with the passage of time it became the place where the executions were carried out.

Vittorio Emanuele II Bridge

Built in 1886 by architect De Rossi, fi inaugurated only in 1911 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy and is decorated with beautiful winged victories to celebrate victory in battle.

Music Bridge
To visit it is necessary to go on the river Tiber, is made of steel and reinforced concrete bridge is only for pedestrians and cyclists. Opened in 2011 he was dedicated to Armando Trovajoli, pianist and composer Roman.


Ponte Milvio
The symbol for all lovers of Rome, used by couples to their pledge of love. The boys are wont to put a padlock on the bridge and throw the key into the waters of the Tiber as a promise of eternal love.

Fabricio Bridge
The oldest bridge in the capital that connects the island to the mainland Tiberina, originally was a bridge built with wood. During the renovation, the 23 was built with tuff and brick and travertine.