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Discovering Venetian gastronomy and cuisine

Venice food and wine tours: come and discover the renowned Venetian gastronomy and cuisine through Venice food and wine tours with an expert local guide

Venice Food and Wine Tours

Venice has always been a great commercial city, it has been the center of trade with the East and this is also reflected in some dishes and in the use of certain spices. In the course of its rich history it has drawn multiple influences making perfect use of what the sea and the fertility of the Po valley or the islands of the lagoon offer it. If you are traveling to Italy come and discover Venetian gastronomy and cuisine through Venice food and wine tours of Walks Inside Rome.

Food and wine experiences in Venice

There’s much more to Italian food than pizza and pasta, Venice tasting tours offer a delicious introduction to Venetian cuisine. Indulge in the freshness of this city during delicious food and wine experiences.

To date, Venetian cuisine, renowned throughout the world for its finesse and diversity, is characterized by dishes based on fish or seafood (the most popular are sea bass, sea bream, cod but, crabs, shrimps and clams) and vegetables from the nearby horticultural islands, but certainly there is no shortage of first courses or typical meat dishes, desserts (above all the Tiramisu), wines, liqueurs (Maraschino and Grappa) and cocktails.

It is a wonderful combination of traditional recipes and nouvelle cuisine through a wide variety of dishes and unparalleled flavors always pleasantly accompanied by a good glass of local wine. 

In Venice rather young wines are consumed, among the typical ones there are:

  • Bardolino

  • Prosecco

  • Bianco di Custoza

  • Soave

  • Valpolicella

  • Amarone

Visit the Rialto Market: the real staple of local food and wine

If you want to savor the true popular Venetian atmosphere, you must absolutely visit the Rialto local market in the San Polo district, the real staple of local food and wine, essential for preparing and tasting typical Venetian dishes.

In the heart of the historic center of Venice, the Rialto market hosts the traditional market of fish and fruit and vegetables.

For Venetians, this is a unique market of its kind, where a lively crowd of citizens, shopkeepers and tourists flock to buy or just browse through the thousand voices that animate this picturesque market, its thousand colors and the scents of products.

And right here you can stop and enjoy a classic Venetian “cicchetto” accompanied by a good wine or an aperitif such as Spritz or Bellini. This kind of Venetian appetizer is a real type of high quality “fast food”.

Cicchetti are, in fact, based on fish, meat or cold cuts that can be prepared hot or cold and are very often served on bread or polenta. They are perfect both in the morning, to break the fast while waiting for lunch, and in the late afternoon, during the inevitable aperitif, so that you don’t drink too much wine on an empty stomach.

But at aperitif time the Venetians meet above all in the “bacaris”, the typical Venetian wine bars, to drink a glass of wine and to taste the various snacks of all kinds at a good price. Today, among the most common cicchetti there are creamed cod crostini, marinated anchovies, mixed sea or stewed octopus.

Spritz and Bellini: the famous cocktails of Venice

Who has never pleasantly enjoyed an aperitif in company while sipping a Spritz. This cocktail, recently back in fashion throughout Europe, is made up of Prosecco, Aperol and sparkling water, accompanied by a slice of lemon or orange. Its origin dates back to the Nineteenth Century, when the Austrians dominated the Veneto, who, considering the local wine too alcoholic, knocked it down with sprayed water. It was in the twentieth century that water was replaced by carbonated seltzer water, which is very popular in Germany.

Currently the Spritz recipe, although it varies according to the barman, is composed of:

• 40% dry white wine or Prosecco

• 30% sparkling water or seltzer

• 30% of Aperol or Campari (more bitter)

The Bellini instead is the famous cocktail invented in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, the manager of Harry’s Bar. This is composed of Prosecco and white peach nectar and its name is a tribute to the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini. Sometimes, it is also made with Champagne or strawberry nectar.

Experience Venice food and wine with Walks Inside Rome

For more than 20 years, Walks Inside Rome has been offering immersive, authentic, and educational private and small-group tours and kids and families experiences in Rome and other Italy’s destinations also thanks to our team of local, licensed guides are seasoned experts in art, history, archaeology and food.

Come and discover the magical city on the water rich in history, secret legends, architectural treasures and food and wine traditions with your private local guide through our Venice tours.

There is a lot to do in Venice. In the company of an English-speaking local guide you can enjoy the best of the city with an exclusive selection of unique experiences. Our combined expertise and experience will transform your time in Venice into something truly exceptional.

Please contact us and our staff will tailor a tour that suits your needs. You can fill out the form on our website, email us, call us, or chat with us on WhatsApp. We look forward to meeting you soon so we can start exploring Italy together!

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