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The rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Cradle of the Renaissance

Discover the quaint towns and vineyards around the rolling Tuscan countryside through one of our Florence day trips.

Florence Day Trips

Rome, the Eternal City, deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime, in any season, at any time of year. It is an unforgettable experience to live but, given its location, it also offer an excellent opportunity to move and discover all the other attractions that Italy offers. Traveling by train or by private car on a Florence day trip from Rome makes it easy for you to see the highlights of one of Italy’s most popular and fascinating destinations. Through an immersive Florence tour, an expert local guide will make you discover the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Cradle of the Renaissance.

The immense cultural patrimony of Florence

If you are visiting Italy and only have a few days to enjoy its many attractions, you can not miss the city of Florence, the capital of Tuscany. A full-day tour from Rome is the perfect way to explore it in just one day.

Florence is home to many works of the Renaissance art and architecture. The city bursts with paintings, sculptures and buildings from the Middle Ages through the sixteenth century.

Accompanied by an expert local guide you can wander the medieval streets of the city, unchanged for centuries, and visit its treasures and wonders, follow the footsteps of the genius of Michelangelo, who left here so many masterpieces.

  • Admire the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo, its impressive tiled dome designed by Brunelleschi, and the beautiful bronze doors of the Baptistery and the decorative programme of Giotto’s Bell Tower beside it.

  • Admire the Basilica of Santa Croce in the square of the same name, one of the largest Franciscan churches and one of the greatest achievements of Gothic in Italy. It represents the meeting place of the greatest artists, theologians, religious, writers, humanists and politicians, who determined, in good times and bad, the identity of the late medieval and Renaissance city.

  • Visit the two of the world’s most impressive collections of Renaissance artworks: the Accademia Gallery exhibits Michelangelo’s David sculpture and other his unfinished marble creations, while the Uffizi Gallery contains world-renowned pieces like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Spring, several works by Leonardo Da Vinci among wich The Annunciation, and a range of paintings by Caravaggio.

  • Stroll through Piazza della Signoria, the political heart of the city and perhaps one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Here, you will admire the imposing Palazzo Vecchio, the Loggia dei Lanzi (otherwise known as the statue garden) and the flowing Fountain of Neptune.

Florence: not just art and history

One day in Florence may not be enough to discover the whole city, but it is enough to fall in love with it. Maybe you may not see everything but you can discover the main attractions and get a taste of get a taste of its customs and traditions.

Half of the fun in Florence is just being there: wandering through its small alleys, admiring the buildings, listening to the music of the artists that echo in the squares, walking around eating its specialties

  • Take a walk along the picturesque Ponte Vecchio and browse through the many shops open on both sides.

  • Discover the San Lorenzo Market, one of the oldest markets in Florence, always full of tourists, where you can buy small souvenirs and photograph all the stalls full of leather goods.

  • Next to the San Lorenzo Market is the Central Market which is all about food. Stalls of all kinds: fruit, olive or truffle oil, cheeses, traditional balsamic vinegar, cantucci or traditional hot meals to be consumed in one of the many kiosks. If you want to buy an edible souvenir during your day in Florence, this is the place.

  • Stop at the Fontana del Porcellino, one of the most popular monuments in Florence, located on the edge of the loggia of the New Market, near the Ponte Vecchio. According to popular tradition, this bronze fountain, depicting a wild boar, brings good luck by touching its nose. To get a good omen you need to put a coin in the pig’s mouth after rubbing its nose, if the coin falls past the grate where the water falls it will bring luck, otherwise it won’t.

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With a range of great tours – for food lovers, adventure-seekers, history buffs, or curious children, Walks Inside Rome has something for everyone both in Rome and in other wonderful destinations across Italy.

When traveling to a country with so many things to see and do like Italy, planning is key. All our private tours are fully customizable, meaning you can add and combine whatever you want to shape your very own interests.

Our day trips from Rome to Florence bring you tailored experiences giving you a more intimate insight into Florentine life – food tours, artisan tours and sensory experiences.

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