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Experience the must-see attractions of Rome in a different way

Rome on wheels: The easiest and best way to get around the Eternal City and see as many sites as possible with an expert guide is on wheels by bike or scooter

Rome on Wheels

If you want to immerse yourself in all the beauty and history of Rome, the easiest and best way to get around the city and see as many sites as possible is on wheels. Whether you’re most comfortable on a bike, segway, golf cart or Vespa, we’ll ensure you ride around Rome in style and experience the city your way. Come and discover the Rome on wheels tours with Walks Inside Rome. One of our expert guides will be with you every step of the way to help you navigate the Eternal City.

Visit the must-see attractions of Rome in a different way

Rome was not built in a day, and it’s nearly impossible to explore it all in one day on foot. Its must-see attractions are scattered, so make your Roman holiday go as smoothly as possible by relying on the expertise of a local guide and traversing the city in a different way – on wheels!

Visiting Rome on wheels is an exciting experience. Along the way you will be able to admire breathtaking views perfect for capturing photographic memories that most people will never see. Accompanied by your private, English-speaking guide, through these Rome tours you’ll discover wealth of outdoor treasures of the Eternal City. Come and experience the absolute freedom of going where you want!

Car, bike or Vespa? Why not all three!

There is a part of the historic center of Rome, which includes monuments such as the Pantheon, Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona and the Imperial Forums, which is closed to traffic. Although it is a pedestrian area with no cycle paths, it can be easily accessed with the speed and comfort of a bike in compliance with city regulations.

However, in Rome it is also possible to cycle:

  • In the gardens: There are splendid examples of Italian gardens interspersed with historic buildings, monuments, sculptures and much more, which constitute the green lungs of the metropolis;

  • In the parks of the most majestic villas like Villa Borghese, Villa Ada or Villa Doria Pamphili;

  • Along the ancient picturesque cobblestone streets like the Appian Way;

  • On the banks of the Tiber river while discovering the magnificent Tiber Island.

Another way to enjoy the Eternal City is by riding a Vespa, a true Italian symbol. After all, who does not remember the beautiful scenes from the film Roman Holiday that inspired countless dreams and love stories? A cultural icon of the Eternal City, the Vespa is the best mode of transportation to use if you want to become a Roman for a day.

In fact, visiting Rome on a Vespa has many advantages. In such a busy city it allows you to avoid traffic jams and stop wherever you want. Additionally, it also allows you to easily get out of the center of Rome to go and explore the less touristy areas and get a little further away from the historic districts. Without a doubt, it is the means of transport that offers the best feeling of freedom.

However, whether it’s by car, bike or scooter, taking a tour of Rome on wheels, with your own expert private guide and driver, will allow you to explore and learn about the history of Rome, from the ancient emperors to the modern metropolis, and take a look at some of the city’s best kept secrets. Along the way, you can stop whenever you want to stretch your legs, take some photos, and indulge in gelato, coffee or anything else that tickles your fancy. 

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